March 10th, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Ok so...

I'm pretty tired... I haven't been up as late as I was last night in a very, very, long time. Mom and Dad were in Drayton hanging out with friends and me and Dan were here...watching some MST3K, Seinfeld, and The Perfect Score. Then we had cake and talked when my parents got home so...sleepy city! I'm a little late with this this morning but that's ok, I'll be on the later side tomorrow probably because of church. So the answer yesterday was Seinfeld - George and Jerry. Here are the scores:

Sarah: 13
Dan: 16
Jennifer: 3

C1: What's your dental plan?
C2: Don't get cavities.
C1: Health plan?
C2: Same, but with hepatitis and shingles.

Good luck everyone!
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