November 2nd, 2006

Stupid tv obsessed life!

Well, so...crazy times. Let's see...I'll try to concisely convey the "new" things going on in my life...

1. Well, no news on the job front...still doing some part time at the theatre though so that I can survive...
2. Actually was thrilled that I've started watching Heroes because although told me there would be a new episode of HIMYM they were clearly LYING...funny story, so I've been looking for this mystery episode since Tuesday finally today one shows up that says it's episode 7 of season 2 so I download it and all is right with the world...then I go to watch it and to my complete shock it's episode 6 of season 1! What the heck. Not only that but there was no new GG episode this week. Sucktacular life. But I give two thumbs up to Heroes for making my entire week!
3. Nothing else is new...that is the end. I think....yeah. The end.
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