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22 August 2006 @ 11:33 pm
Ok so the next day was pretty exciting because we went to Victoria on Vancouver Island so just so that you're warned there are a lot of pictures in this one!

First though I have a funny story from the morning. That morning when I got up I put my contacts in and I had an issue with the right one, I thought I'd put it in ( I didn't feel it fall out or anything) but I couldn't feel it in my eye and I couldn't see so I assumed I'd dropped it and just couldn't see it (they are clear and hard to see if you drop them) so I just got another one, put it in, and went down for breakfast. I was uncomfortable all through the meal so I went up to clean the contact and discovered I had two in my eye so I had a good laugh over my stupidity and then put the extra contact in a case. Then Mom came up to put her contacts in but discovered I had put her contacts in and that's why the first time I couldn't see out of my right eye! So there was some hysterical laughter in the morning. Ok so now on to the pictures!

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