August 16th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Who's dead? Not me!

Ok so here I am and I'm feeling better! I mean, I still have a bit of a cough and some snuffles but other than that I'm raring to go...there is SO much to update with...not that most of you prob'ly care but I want to have this record for there!

Alright we're leaving Vancouver this morning but I just have a couple of minutes to try and get some updating done. We've been here since Friday and we've had a great time here with Aunt Helen and John Patrick (I think I've finally figured out Grandfather's side of the family now! It's just taken me how long?), exploring Vancouver, and visiting with family whom Dan, Dad, and I had never really met...ever. The only one I knew was Aunt Helen. Apparently everyone else knew Brittany from when she was in Toronto...but I didn't go to Aunt Elva's party because I was working. Since none of you (except Sarah and Natalie) have any idea who these people are I'm going to stop this line of conversation.

What I'm going to do is a whole bunce of seperate entries because I have a LOT of pictures to update with and I don't want you to have deal with them all at one time (it'll take awhile for them to load). So this first bunch is of Day 8: The Mountains (I might add that I did not do so well for this leg of the trip since I was sick as a dog and feeling nauseous on all these crazy mountain roads...but it was quite beautiful! So here are my pictures from Day 8:

Collapse )

Now you're all updated on the goings on of day 8...days 9-14 still to come soon!! I'd do it now but I'm holding everyone up and we have a long ways to go!

So maybe tonight I'll get more updating done...but Dad and Dan tend to hog the computer so we'll have to wait and see! This is me, feeling better, saying have a good day!!
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