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01 August 2006 @ 05:19 pm
Well, it's already happening. I just answered the phone "Good afternoon box office, Rebekah...oh shoot..." and then there was nobody there so maybe it was actually a good thing; maybe I got rid of a telemarketer who thought they had the wrong number. *shrug* Oh well. So I leave for my trip out west tomorrow which is very exciting while at the same time scary. It's my last fun cool thing before I have to get down to business about really finding a job. I'm done for good at the box office which is super sad because I loved working there :( and they took me out to dinner last night and gave me a gift certificate...and I'm going to miss all of them! But it's good because while I was working there I was SO not motivated to find a real job.So I'll see you all when we get back!!
Current Mood: crazycrazy