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04 July 2006 @ 08:37 am
Well, since tonight is NDF I'm going to be updating early because who knows if I'll have time to do it later. Good job on guessing yesterday people!! I'm not going to dock Sarah any points because I'm updating early...and I'm feeling generous so I'm just going to give her the points for today... and so the same applies to Jennifer for Sunday since she did know what it was. I shall also give an extra point to the Sarah (not cousin) and Dan so they won't feel left out. See, that's just how awesome I am. So anyway, the answer yesterday was MST3K and it was Crow. Yeehaw! And I don't know how you knew that one Jen, since I don't think you've seen that one....although you SHOULD. Deathstalker RULES.


Sarah: 329
Daniel: 166
Jennifer: 382
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 330

Ok! So here is the new quote:

C1: I’m different. I’m a loner.
C2: Oh no…no no. I don’t want to hear about the romance of being a loner
C1: Some guys are just naturally loners
C2: Yes, lonely guys
C1: Independent guys
C2: Sad guys
C1: Maverick guys
C2: Lee Harvey Oswald
C1: John Muir
C2: The Unabomber
C1: Henry David Theriault
C2: Every one of these: sad and lonely guys

Ok! Good luck all!
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