June 10th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Back again...

A'ight so here I am back again in a slightly saner more stable frame of mind (which doesn't mean much...). I'm all tired and stuff and I have to go to work soon for an 8 hour shift (and that's leaving out the half hour dinner break) which is good I guess because I get more monay. Yes I meant to spell it that way :P.

So the answer for Thursday's quote is Red Dwarf: Rimmer and Lister


Sarah: 281
Daniel: 155
Jennifer: 337
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 287

New quotes:

Friday's Quote:
C1: This movie stops at nothing…and stays there

Saturday's Quote
(Talking on phone)
C1: No, there’s no dog here!
C2: Yes there is! He’s black and white and shaggy and he’s sitting next to ______ and licking her hand…
C1: (looking around) Where ARE you??

lol...hopefully I'm not this crazy zonked out at work. Can't wait to talk to old crazy cranky people! I'm so PUMPED!
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