May 18th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Update from afar!

Look at how dedicated I am! I didn't update yesterday because I weas preparing for and then enjoying Sarah's super fun birthday jamboree!! Good times!! (clean dishes!)

Ok so the answers for the last quote and bonuses are:

MST3K - Mike and Tom Servo

1) Alexis Bledel (the actress who plays Lorelai is Lauren Graham btw)
2) The Cat
3) The prime position of the shirt button
4) The T stands for The
5) Matt LeBlanc (Jennifer Aniston bought a car with her first pay cheque, Matt bought a hot meal)

So the scores are as follows:

Sarah: 252
Daniel: 145
Jennifer: 304
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 243

Quote for today:

C1: No, I'm not waiting. It's now or never!
C2: I don't like ultimatums.
C1: I don't like Mondays, but unfortunately, they come around eventually.
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