May 16th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Woohoo quotes!

Hey y'all!

So ...I have no imagination so even if I had the energy to let you know all the uneventful things that happen to me they would be totally boring and uninteresting.

Anyhow the answer for the quote yesterday was: Red Dwarf - Lister and the Cat. Scores:

Sarah: 248
Daniel: 145
Jennifer: 300
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 242

Oh goodness! And since Jennifer has reached 300 there is a bonus thing today! Ding ding ding!

Regular Quote:

C1: Oh now his creeping has just turned into wandering…
C2: ROCKS move faster than this movie

The bonus will be posted later tonight! I want to think of something different to do...
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The Last Unicorn

Bonus Quote thing...

Ok so this has absolutely nothing to do with quotes...These are random questions regarding bits of trivia about the shows and actors...

1) What actor/actress on the show "Gilmore Girls" can't stand coffee and therefore their coffee cup is always filled with coke?

2) Which actor arrived at their audition for Red Dwarf in costume and character?

3) In the beginning of the very first episode and the end of the very last episode Jerry and George have the same conversation; what is the subject matter?

4) What does the T in Crow T. Robot stand for?

5) Which actor/actress from "Friends" arrived at their audition with only $11 to their name?

Good luck all!

Now to sit around and wait for my bed stuff to finish in the Oh the life of me...
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    Gilmore Girls in the background