May 10th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Time for quote of the day!

Ok I know this is kind of short notice but I'm going away tomorrow because of Dan's graduation so everybody needs to guess today's quote by tomorrow at 12 because I'm going to put up Thursday - Sunday quotes tomorrow before we leave!!

Anything new here? Not really...Thinking thinking...nope. My life is boring.

The answer yesterday was MST3K Mike and Tom Servo (although Mike and Joel do indeed make a great team they are never in a show together...they should be! That would be awesome!! (well, sometimes Mike is a random weird guest when Joel is the host...but he doesn't have any quotes...)so the scores are:

Sarah: 241
Daniel: 145
Jennifer: 284
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 230

So here is the new quote:

C1: Going around in circles for 14 months? Getting my information from the Jr. Encyclopedia of Space? The respect you have for me is awesome, isn’t it?
C2: You mean you staged the whole thing?
C1: That’s right suckers! And the moral of the story is: appreciate what you’ve got, because basically…I’m fantastic!

There is a remote possibility that I have posted this quote before..but I really don't remember and it's one of my all time favourite episodes of this show...Good luck everyone!
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