May 2nd, 2006

Yay for quotes!

Well I got to work today, I haven't worked a day shift in a long time. Good times. Oh and if Got 2 b hair products ever needs anybody to talk about how amzoing their products are I will do it! Because they have never let me down! My hair seems really super long!! It's not really but normally I get a summer hair cut and I haven't yet because of the wedding...I dont' know how they're going to want to do our hair so I'm just leaving it be until all that is over. But of course I'm going to be pretty warm because I have a LOT of hair. No joke.

Anyway, the answer to yesterday's quote was Friends: Ross, Chandler, and Joey.


Sarah: 237
Daniel: 145 (although you should have more...)
Jennifer: 271
Melissa: 83
Sarah: 216

Ok so here's the new quote:

C1: It’s simple, you let out one emotion all the rest will come with it. It’s like Andora’s box.
C2: That was the mother on Bewitched. You mean Pandora.
C1: Yeah well, she had one too.

Good luck everyone!
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