April 1st, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Do do do do doooo...

Ok so here I am again! I'm so proud of me! I spent, like all morning and afternoon working on my Spanish essay that's due on Monday and I've gotten really far! With any luck I will have it done before really late tomorrow because I also have a test on Monday. They wouldn't want my last Monday of school to be an easy one :P . Oh and a note for those of you who have "BekahIcons" on your list, I don't know if I'm going to keep it up or not because I'm just plain not good at making icons. I'm not going to get rid of the journal though because I love the layout Sarah made me! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

So the answer yesterday, just to mix it up a little, was Friends: Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica. So here are the scores:

Sarah: 179
Daniel: 105
Jennifer: 197
Jaime: 31
Melissa: 86
Sarah: 130

Ok, so here is the new quote:

C1: I gave him an ultimatum
(pause…C1 shrugs)
C2: He chose the CATS?
C1: They’re very clean animals

Good luck!
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