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27 March 2006 @ 09:34 pm
Ok! So the answers for yesterday are:

Quote 1: GG: Lane, Zach, Brian
Quote 2: Friends: Monica, Phoebe
Quote 3: Red Dwarf: Kryten, Rimmer
Quote 4: Seinfeld: George, Kramer
Quote 5: MST3K: Crow
Movie Quote: Fools Rush In: Salma Hayek, Matthew Perry

So what I did was I gave one point for "band mates" because they are seldom quoted...but I only gave you one point for the band mates Sarah M. because you got one name right...So here are the scores:

Sarah: 170
Daniel: 103
Jennifer: 187
Jaime: 31
Melissa: 79
Sarah: 119

The bonus question was: Full House - DJ (such a good show! I hope it ALL comes out on dvd soon!)

New quote:

C1: The Velveteen rabbit was brown and white! Brown and white!
C2: Well, it was either a pink bunny or no bunny at all
C1: No bunny at all! Always no bunny at all!

Good luck! And thanks for guessing!
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