January 25th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Well here I am...

Well I made in to school today which is good...of course I had to beg Peter to take me because I'm a total snow wuss now...actually I always have been ;). I would have stayed home but I already missed a Wednesday. I wish that the bad weather days wouldn't always fall on the same day! I know this isn't new, I started noticing it in highschool but that doesn't make me like it now. So yeah, I missed my 8:30 class (which is a shame, we all know how much I love geography...) but I am here in time for the tutorial so I can hand my assignment in and stuff. I'm sooo sore and tired. I'm totally going to bed early tonight. I have nothing to look forward to (except talking to Sarah online :D) because GG was OLD this week! What are they trying to do to me? It's very hard to say. So Anyway, I'll be updating with the quote of the day later...sometime after 5 at least because I'm not done here until 4 (Ew) but that's better than yesterday (5:30). It's just that it REALLY feels like school when I'm here until 4 or later. Blech. So I'm not in a much better mood today than yesterday but things are looking up...I guess...there are only 8 weeks and 4 days of school left or some such thing! Yay! I feel like I need to go lie on a huge heating pad!! So that's all for now come back later if you're looking for the quote champion thing!
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The Last Unicorn

Ok so here is the new quote of the day!

Ok so the answer to the last one was Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lane. Good job team! So the scores are:

Sarah: 97
Daniel: 89
Jennifer: 78
Jaime: 20
Melissa: 28
Hannah: RIP

And the new quote is:

C1: I met with their cartoon editor and got him to admit that the cartoon MADE NO SENSE
C2: Good work Nancy Drew!

Good luck!
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