January 17th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Weird Time thing...

Well I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of time warp thing...nothing online has changed since I checked it earlier today! How weird is that! Oh and Sarah, just so we're not confused...when I said yesterday that I would maybe talk to you "tomorrow" online if you weren't working that meant today...not yesterday. I'm NEVER online Monday nights (unless I have an msn emergency...and let's face it...that doesn't happen very often!). So just two more classes to go! I'm pretty happy because my one class ended early giving me time to go to Tim's grab a walnut crunch (mmmm...things that are not good for me) and come make a quick entry. School continues to be a hubbub...is that one word? Maybe it's hyphenated hub-bub? Nope...there is not context in which that word looks normal...of activity. Everyone is everywhere all the time. It's annoying it takes forever to find somewhere to just sit down and work/do nothing/eat my walnut crunch and then it's time to go to class already! Crazy times.

What is with the weather that's what I want to know! So yesterday it's FREEZING but there's no snow. And I'm sorry, but what is the POINT of being freezing if there's no snow? And now today it's all rainy and slippery! I'm soooo surprised I haven't fallen and died yet. People are seriously sliding from building to building...not me though. That would only end with my falling flat on my face...or bum like last time. It's like winter and spring are being mushed together in some kind of weird combination. I'm so confused! But there are only 10 weeks to go! well...9 weeks and four days...or something. Shut up, I'm not in math!

So if you're looking for the quote of the day (which I imagine is the only reason some people even read my journal...not that I blame you ;) it's in my entry from yesterday. So I better go and down my Coca-Cola...every time I say that I feel like I'm an advertisement but if I don't specify some people get all "smart"...Sarah! So yeah...hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!! Remember: No matter where you go, there you are!

'k....I just saw a guy in a cape....I feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode, only luckily I didn't see anyone I know talking to him!
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