January 8th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

La la la...

So I'm amazed! Not only is my computer desk area still clean, but now my room, although not dazzlingly clean, is also neat and tidy! Yay me. I'm so proud. Will this last through until the end of exams? Very hard to say. It was nice today because both Carianne and Greg were at church so I had peoples. I haven't had a good long talk with Scari for awhile now so it was good to catch up. Unfortunately I can't ignore the fact that another week of school begins tomorrow. Alot of people seem to be really "into" this term. I'm soooo not. I'm just like...ok...only 11 more weeks! (12 counting reading week but that's just a magical week of fun :P).

On to the quote of the day! So yesterday's quote was from Gilmore Girls and it was Luke and Lorelai. So here are the scores:

Sarah: 71
Daniel: 73
Jennifer: 59
Jaime: 16
Melissa: 21
Hannah: RIP

Good job everyone! So remember it's a movie quote today! Name both the actors and the movie!

C1: How come you never learned that it was wrong? That there are certain things you do not do, YOU DO NOT DO in a civilized society?
C2: Which civilizations are we talking about?
C1: Oh, shut up!
C2: I mean, history...
C1: Shut up!

So good luck guys!
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