January 6th, 2006

The Last Unicorn

Well, I'm back into the groove...

Well, I forgot how much my life sucks when I'm in school. I get nothing accomplished and I just sit around doing schoolwork and talking on msn. Meh. Although yesterday I did get the computer area cleaned up. I'm SO proud of me. It's very difficult for me to keep the desk clean and I don't know why. I guess I'm just lazy. I mean, I always knew that but it's also the answer to this particular predicament. Wow. You people who read this must do it solely to put you to sleep at night! I'll try to say something more interesting.

Oooh I watched the Truman Show for the first time in forever yesterday and I forgot how much I love that movie. It's now on my to own list. Jim Carey was AMAZING. Why do people not like him? I mean, I don't like some of his movies but I don't see how anyone could disrespect him when he's clearly a great actor.

Well, I'm sure that was a pick me up. I need something to eat. So I'll use the quote of the day to spice this up later this afternoon. In case I don't see yah, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!
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The Last Unicorn

Quote of the day!

Ok so yesterday's quote was from MST3K and it was Joel. So after quandaring here are the scores:

Sarah: 69
Daniel: 67
Jennifer: 56
Jaime: 15
Melissa: 19
Hannah: RIP

So here is the new quote of the day:

C1: So you’re saying UNICEF is a scam?
C2: It's the perfect cover for a money laundering operation. No one can keep track of all those kids with the little orange boxes of change.

Good luck everyone!
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