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21 December 2005 @ 03:05 pm
Christmas is coming and I'm soooooo excited! I just have on more thing to get...a half of a present....and I'm DONE!! I think I'm going to watch Miracle on 34th Street either today or tomorrow...such a feel good Christmassy movie!! The downside here is that I'm officially POOR. Like, dirt poor. I won't be able to go out and do anything ever again. *shrug* That's the way the cookie crumbles.

I'm soooo happy about the 6 user pics thing now! It brings me joy. :D I have a sad and pathetically boring life so it doesn't take too much to make me happy.

So the quote #1 yesterday was from Friends and it was Monica and Chandler, and quote #2 was from Gilmore Girls and it was Rory and Paris. Good job participants! So the scores are now:

Sarah: 62
Daniel: 69
Jennifer: 52
Jaime: 14
Melissa: 14
Hannah: RIP

And here is the new quote!:

C1: If you had two people coming for a job, and one of them was dead, which one would you pick?
C2: It depends who was better qualified.

Good luck everyone!
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Current Music: Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant