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11 December 2005 @ 12:40 pm
It's all snowy and pretty! So anyway, I'm in a pretty good mood because I only have one exam left...stupid glitter thing wouldn't let me put spaces in...I even left TWO between each letter...but I imagine most of you got the gist. Sorry I wasn't online when/if you came back last night Sarah but I needed to go get some shut eye...I'll prob'ly be online Tuesday and we can figure out our plans for Wednesday...Mmmmm Chinese food. So anyway, yesterday the answer was Red Dwarf and it was Lister and Holly (you had it right Sarah...he is the Fiji guy) So the scores are as follows:

Sarah: 47
Daniel: 53
Jennifer: 34
Jaime: 0
Melissa: 0
Hannah: 10 RIP

Maybe the scores will switch around now with the MOVIE quote; remember the ACTOR(S) not the character(s):

C1: It's like when we'd jump off the railroad bridge into the river when we were kids. This is... higher than that...
C2: But I never *did* jump in the river! You guys always pushed me when I wasn't looking!

Good luck all!
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