December 7th, 2005

The Last Unicorn

Quote of the Day!

Well, the answer for yesterday was Red Dwarf, Kryten and The Cat. I've decided to not post the points every time because everyone's getting so competitive. So here is the new quote of the day:

C1: Run around the block.
C2: Why?
C1: I don't know.
C2: Good enough for me.

Good luck everyone!
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The Last Unicorn

First sentence from each month

Wow...I must lead a really boring life! But I did this anyway so anyone who cares can feel free to read it:

"Well, here we are in the New Year. I am sooooo sick. Well, here I am back at school. I don't know what it is, I should be jumping for joy...I only have exams to go. Well, birthdayukah officially started on Monday...yesterday...but we've been having a super fantastic time since I picked Sarah up in Orangeville on Thursday morning. The world lost an amazing actor/man today. Well, I haven't made an entry in awhile...not that it really matters. Well, I've been instructed to update. Well, I got my tunes on the computer now so I'm happy. Oh my word! Wow. The first day of December it may be but I'm tired and grumpy."

There you have it. My year in a nutshell. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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