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30 November 2005 @ 02:23 pm
Ok...I don't think there is anywhere on campus that's hotter than this room. All the computers in my usual lab were taken up so here I am. Ok, I have a paper to write so I'm going straight to the quote of the day. Good job guys! Even though none of you watch that show (except for Sarah and her occasional times) you all guessed the right show! *clapclapclap* The scores are as follows:

Sarah: 29
Daniel: 22
Hannah: 12
Jennifer: -4

So the quote was from Gilmore Girls and it was Luke and Lorelai. The next one is just one character...and I dunno, it almost seems like I'm giving this to you 'cause I don't know how it could be mixed up with another show...but if you do...then I'll understand ;)

Well whaddaya know, a random citizen who can kick a werewolf's butt.

As for starting with Friends quotes I will do that ( this one isn't from friends, but that's cause I didn't give you a character list) so here it is:

Chandler - Matthew Perry
Monica - Courtney Cox Arquette
Phoebe - Lisa Kudrow
Rachel - Jennifer Aniston
Ross - David Schwimmer
Joey - Matt LeBlanc

I can't see me using any other characters...if I do I'll be sure to give you a hint of some kind. Good luck everyone!
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