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29 November 2005 @ 12:42 pm
Well, two presentations are officially DONE. You have NO idea how happy that makes me. Now I just have to worry about writing two AMAZING papers for my Spanish culture class and my French class and I'm golden! *goes to sob in corner* I don't have my quotes here with me (I made a list one day so I don't have to go look for a quote everyday...it's much easier to have quotes from my favourite shows all in one place...just seeing them there together makes me happy). In fairness to Hannah I'm only going to add Friends for now...and I'm going to try to leave hints and think up ways for people to win bonus points. This game makes me feel like a total dork 'cause nobody knows what I'm quoting half the time.

Man, you know you're an addict when you start drinking a bottle of Coca Cola before noon. But I really needed the energy today. Hot Chocolate is a nice *welcome to school sorry you had to get up so this is to soothe you* type drink, but good ol' Coca-cola (I hate having to type that whole thing out but if I don't then I get FLACK) give me a good kick. I can't drink it before 10 though...that's just wrong. Unless you're in a "sleep-over" situation. Then of course you need a good jolt of flat pop.

You guys can just sit in anticipation of the next quote...muahahaha...and Hannah, you still have until my next post to make a guess...and my hint for you is: It's NOT from GG. (Daniel and Sarah can complain but you guys are like, lightyears ahead of Hannah...and Jennifer should she choose to make another guess)

So I'll "see" everyone later today! Have a good afternoon!
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29 November 2005 @ 04:29 pm
Ok...so strangely enough yesterday's quote was from Red Dwarf and it was Lister and the Cat. Good job Jen...and the lists are in Nov. 12. So they aren't lost at all.

So the scores are:

Sarah: 26
Daniel: 19
Hannah: 13
Jennifer: -6

So here's the new quote of the day:

C1: And then the phone rings, and it just rings and rings and rings and rings, so I pick it up.
C2: And then hopefully got your hearing checked.
C1: Can I finish my story?
C2: I'm just saying, that's a lot of rings.

Good luck everyone!
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Current Music: Friends in the background