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26 November 2005 @ 11:45 am
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....Oh man, I love that movie. I should have been drinking hot chocolate while I watched it...*mental note to self for next year*. So you guys did a fabulous job on the quotes yesterday (yay Hannah!) So the scores are as follows:

Daniel: 17
Hannah: 10

Nobody got the MST3K quote which was said by Crow (my favourite!) (The bubblegum looking one is Tom Servo btw, if you'd described the right one I would have TOTALLY given the points to you).

So now for the new quote of the day!

C1: It's like a bad movie but you want to finish it.
C2: No, you walk out.
C1: It's like a bad book but you want to get to the end.
C2: No, you wait for the movie.
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26 November 2005 @ 07:45 pm
Clearly anyone who has folded, stuffed, and "stuck" as many envelopes as I have should be able to get employment doing just that. I mean, how much junk do we get in the mail? Ok, I mean how much junk to normal people get in the mail? (I mean, since we get half the town's mail I don't think I should consider us normal) A LOT! That's how much. So someone must be somewhere doing this for a living. I imagine it would be a lot cheaper to do that then to go to school for another term...and a week...I really can't wait for this term to be over! Then I can trick myself into thinking that I'll be able to stay ahead next term and...hahahahaha...I'm quite amusing. I do the same thing every single term. I start out optimistic and then 2 weeks in I'm like, ok, enough I need to start again or be done. Of course, I'd prefer be done. This is the last time I'll feel like this EVER! 'cause after next term starts there will be no "next term" to start over and keep caught up! I'll be..."grown-up" and out in the real world! What's with that!!?? The real world? I've heard HORRIBLE things about what it's like out there.

New paragraph! I like to break it up for people so they don't get bored staring at one huge long paragraph. So for my group project/presentation that we're doing on Tuesday like, only 2 of us are doing anything....there are 4 of us in the group. So...yeah. And guess what? Not to point fingers or anything but the two of us doing work...we're from LAURIER and the two not doing much at all? Yeah, they're from WATERLOO. So there. I'm just bitter 'cause I take a class there and I have to either walk (hahahaha...) or take the bus...neither of which are to my liking. I don't know how you city people do it!

Anyway...Christmas is sooooooooo close! I'm soooooo excited! After watching White Christmas on Friday...November 25...I just can't stop humming. And every time I look outside I get warm fuzzies and have a craving for hot chocolate. And popcorn. Of course, I don't usually eat popcorn while drinking hot chocolate so I have to make a decision. So today I had popcorn and it was yummy...'cause it's the REAL popcorn not that microwave stuff...

So I gots to go...hope everyone else is surviving school and work and things...
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26 November 2005 @ 10:48 pm
Ok I've been told that I should add a new show to my repertoire so I need to get opinions: I need to know which of the following you prefer, because I do try to be a people pleaser...so, I want to try to please people (in case...you...don't know what a people pleaser is ...) So please pick from either :

Friends or X-Files

I'll let the people decide
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