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23 November 2005 @ 02:59 pm
Ok well, I'm not as grumpy today...I'm sure you're all thrilled beyond recognition to hear that...did you even know I was grumpy? I don't remember my last entry at all. Oh well. There are now less than two weeks of classes left and the only way I could be happier would be if it were December...umm...the day after the monday after next monday. Figure it out.

So the scores for the quote of the day are:


Sorry Hannah...Maybe I'll consider a way for you to earn bonus points *puts thinking cap on* but since that takes awhile to heat up I'll let you know...in the...near future! That's commitment for you! So the new quote is:

C1: Why are we standing here?
C2: Because the sign says 'wait to be seated'.
C1: Yeah, but we're not automatons, we are rule breakers, and there are like fifty open tables.
C1: You're exaggerating.
C2: One, two, three, four, fifty - no I'm not

Hint: This is from a show that does NOT take place in space (that narrows it down at least...) Good luck everyone!
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