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22 November 2005 @ 04:23 pm
Oooooh man. I hate this time of year. So much to do, not much motivation...and not much time. I'm seriously woried about my presentation on Tuesday because not only can I not find much information but it's in English. While that may sound weird...I haven't made a presentation in English since highschool. No joke. Yech.

Well I was trying to wait for Hannah but since she's mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth I shall update anyway (sorry Hannah!). So the answer for Sunday was Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Matthew Lillard and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and yesterday it was (of course) MST3K, Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow...and just for Hannah here is a list of the characters from that show: Mike, Joel, Crow, Tom Servo, Pearl, Brain Guy, Monkey Guy, Dr. Forrester,and Frank. Mostly it'll be Mike, Joel, Crow and Tom Servo though. So the scores are now:

Sarah: 17
Daniel: 9
Hannah: 3

And here's the new one:

C1: It's a write-off for them.
C2: How is it a write-off?
C1: They just write it off.
C2: You don't even know what a write-off is.
C1: Do you?
C2: No, I don't.
C1: But they do, and they're the ones writing it off.

Good luck everyone! Hope everyone's having a better week than I am! (Although there's a new GG on tonight! Everyone watch it for me...I'll see it tomorrow...I hope)
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