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08 November 2005 @ 01:50 pm
Since I am the only one psychotic enought to know these then everyone should do this quiz! Even if you get them all wrong they're good for a laugh! I'll ty to make a Seinfeld one or something later on to make up for it to the non-GG fans...Have fun! And think of it this way...you have a 25% chance! I think! Math isn't really my thing...*shrug*

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08 November 2005 @ 10:16 pm
Ok, I've discovered something...it's harder to make quizzes out of tv show quotes than movies because the quotes soooo need more than just what one person says otherwise they aren't as funny...and with GG the most funny things (according to the world of me) are almost always said by Lorelai or Rory...I mean, everyone else has their moments...but the only ones that stick out are theirs and so in order to rectify this I am never making another quiz with tv show quotes (sorry I lied about Seinfeld). Instead starting tomorrow I'm going to have a quote of the day! Sometimes from GG, sometimes from Seinfeld, sometimes from Red Dwarf....etc..you get the idea. That way I can use more than one person talking and I can use more and better quotes! While this prob'ly means absolutely nothing to any of you, it's a decision that's made me happier. It just means I have to update at least once a day...I should be able to pull that off. So, until tomorrow!
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