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12 September 2005 @ 08:23 pm
I'm sitting here in my pjs thinking...what is schooling going to do for me again? It's 8:30!! And I'm in pjs! I'll prob'ly be in bed by like, 9:30ish! This all just goes to show that I am an old woman. I feel like one anyway.

Recap of the day: I got up and went to my computer lab, which didn't happen because labs and tutorials don't start until next week. I figure that's fine 'cause I need to pop into the bookstore (which was just one HUGE lineup!) and then I'll go on a computer in the Terrace, my only sanctuary amidst the chaos that is school. So, I get my stuff from the bookstore and my free student planner/binder reminder (oh, the good old days in highschool! Good times, good times). Then I go to the Terrace and discover they have taken all the computers out! And changed it all around in there! I can handle that they changed everything around a bit (it looks pretty cool) but I don't know how I'm going to survive school without my Terrace computers (that's where I always check my email and stuff because they're for pleasure only...no schoolwork...well, you can check class schedules and stuff but you don't do actual work on them...) My world came crashing down around me...then I ran into Greg and we went to the dining hall to eat lunch ( I had some Mary Browns...Mmmmm...we need one of those in either Drayton...hahahaha...or at least near the campus in Waterloo!). So we talked and had some good times until he had to go to Spanish class - Spanish rules! *sigh* at least first year did...so then I go to find a computer to check my email and get all caught up and half the computers don't work. This also happened last year but I woulda thought they'd have this fixed by now! Since you know, it's happened before and everything. So I finally get on a computer and get chapter 12 of the story (the bright spot of my morning Sarah!!!) and stuff. Then I had a French class, and it was a'ight...then I had to go to U of W. Man, I hate that I have to take a course there. Grrrrr! It did end early though so I got to go home and here I am. Where I totally crashed.

I hope everyone else had a better start to the week then I did. I have to get up crazy early tomorrow for my 8:30 class and then sometime this week I have to learn how to take the bus (pathetic I know), country girl that I am. I'll talk to you all later!
Current Mood: sleepyDead
Current Music: No Milk Today - Herman's Hermitts