August 26th, 2005

Hey, I'm sill alive and kicking!


I haven't been online or commenting in awhile so I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here. I'm just working alot and my parents and Daniel are staying at my house and it's been crazy hectic around here. So today, after I'm done this I'm gonna get cleaned up and we're gonna go dig up our house! Good times, good times.

Through Dad's diligence and dedication we have discovered that there is in fact a floor in the laundry room. Who'd a thunk? I've taken to calling our new addition "Nameless", because that's what she is. I know these are random unconnected thoughts, but how is that different from usual?

So anyway, last night we show'd my Mom the Gamera song (from MST3K for those of you who are deprived) and we showed Operation Double 007 to my Dad. Watching Neil Connery at work is pretty amzoing. Not quite as talented as his brother. Although, I think he must have been dubbed (no accent, and his words don't match his face...) so that prob'ly helped make him less good. But he just doesn't have the same...charm? pinache? Whatever that Sean does. Oh and Sarah did I show you Manos Hands of Fate? Maybe? Because Double 007 comes right after that one and Mike is in it...I'd forgotten. I'm also in the midst of obtaining "The Earth vs the Spider" which has Mike in it as well. Yay!

Ok, apart from that...we have invested in the Shout about Movies! dvd game thing. It's some good quality fun times. Except there are only 3 games on it and we've already played them all. But there are 4 dvds you can get, so we figure if you get all of them you'd be able to start over and forget alot of stuff ('cause there are like, 8 rounds in each game)...and heck, knowing us we could play next week and have forgotten already.

Well, I better get going. Gots to do some digging today before work! See y'all later!
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