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29 July 2005 @ 10:03 am
This is for Sarah who always wants people to remember their dreams. 'k, so for some reason I'm working from home and Ellen (my boss) is here..and I randomly go and get in my pajamas and I'm so tired that I crawl back out into the living room, thinking Ellen had gone. So I get out there and she's still waiting for her ride at the door. She's like, Rebekah you need to be more professional. So I go back to get changed and when I'm done I look out the back and Ellen's swimming in the pool! So then I go out into the living room and try to figure out how to work from home when I don't have the program, nor a phone near the computer. All of a sudden Ila Uhrig (a girl who used to go to our church) is waiting for a ride at the door. After briefly discussing why she's in my house, I found myself randomly in the kitchen with Cynthia who is cooking up a storm. Then Rev. Mark is there, and when I ask why they're there, he says I told him I was willing to help with his trip. I'm like, yeah, but you coulda told me you were coming over to cook and stuff. Then I go and fill a bowl with cooked carrots and watermelon (don't ask me...) and so Mark gets all upset because apparently they're taking this food with them to Paraguay. So I dumped my bowl of food back into the pot. Then I woke up.

I'm still totally confused and reeling from this dream. Craziness.
Current Mood: confused
Current Music: Seinfeld in background - The Opposite