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1. A sleeping bag...we don't have too many blankets 'round here
2. A pillow...we do have one extra one which seems to have disapppeared off the face of the planet.
3. If everyone could bring something to add to meals that would be great (it doesn't have to be alot of food or anything, even just some juice or something like that...)
4. Also, we don't have a LOT of towels and face clothes and stuff so if you have your own, please bring one! (Sarah, we still have one that you left here...)

Hopefully everyone reads this and brings the stuff on the list or else you'll be out of luck...well...as far as sleeping stuff goes anyway. See you all here Saturday!
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23 June 2005 @ 10:23 am
Super Lucky LJ Thing! by dragonfly3007
One other thing.
Be wary ofcnd_leprechaun
They willhit you with their car!
This personagent_macmulder
willpour Kool-Aid in your bathtub!
But of course,jellyandjam
willbuy a horse!
is yoursuper lucky best friend!
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Mary Sue me! (LOTR) by elvenwhisper
Hair:Unearthly silver long tresses that never seem to stray out of place.
Eyes:seemingly endless black eyes
How you got to Middle Earth:You have your own magical ring that took you.
Your race:You are an elf
Powers:crying: you let the fellowship do everything.
Love interest:Pippin
Your ending:You go back home. simple as that...but there will be another story written about your new adventures soon.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yay! I see nothing wrong with any of these answers! I'm an elf?!?! Pippin??? (accenty fun!) So I cry and let everyone else do everything...I have a magic ring and silver hair! My only question is...what does Mary Sue me mean?

Oh...and in case you're reading this and coming to shof please realize there is an entry previous to this one that concerns you...I thought I should let you know just in case! ;)
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