June 17th, 2005

Crazy meme thing...

Your Romantic Evening by dragonfly3007
Will ask you outwere_33
you'll go toyour date's house
while there, you'llcause mischief
your date will give youa handgun
you'll eatgoat curry
Will interrupt the dateoooh_butterfly
and then they'llsteal your gift
At the end of the night you'llrun over your date with your car
You'll think the date wasnot so bad
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Another one...

Your Horoscope by dragonfly3007
Astrological sign
Today you'llgo to a social function
On the 17th of this monthyou'll kill your boss
Watch out forthat girl you met last week
Because they'llkill your mom
You'll marrysomeone who hates you but wants your money
Your marriage will beinfuriating to remember
You will die onNovember 24, 2058
How you will die:strangled by Orlando Bloom
Your life will bepretty great!
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