May 27th, 2005

Well...I've sold my soul

Well, the schedule has been done up until the end of July! I feel like summer is almost over and I've sold my soul. It's very depressing. Especially since the schedule changes frequently. Just the other day I thought I had a day off when in reality I was supposed to be at work from 9 - 5. I felt like a real "smeg-head" (Red Dwarf rules!) I also feel like an idiot because I haven't seen the show yet and it's almost over and I have no time...and when I do have time we're pretty much sold out. I'll prob'ly end up going alone like a loser right before a I'll be at the theatre for like, 7 hours or something. Which isn't so bad but still....part of the time I'll be here will be voluntary. I don't know how Sarah and I are going to make our trip out to KWT...I'm scheduled to work alot...we'll have to see.

I think I'll be working more hours this summer than ever before, but I'll need them because I have one more term and I want to buy a computer this year. An emac. It doesn't come in colour though. That's very depressing; I wanted a purple or blue I may have to decorate it with stickers or something.

Well, I'm going to stop complaining about work now...'cause I do need the money and it looks like this year I won't have any time to spend it so we should be good to go. Think positive. I have nothing else to say, really, except you other people should update more. Your lives have to be far more interesting than mine. Even if they're not: update anyway. The only joy in my life right now comes from reading peoples journal entries (sad as that may be). Well...that and watching movies and tv (on my computer). So this is me, signing off. I need a drink...this job makes me so thirsty! They should provide me with free beverages. Pepsi, iced tea...I'm easy. I'd even take coffee. Oh well...maybe tomorrow when I go back to work I'll leave a message for Bill...'cause we all know I'm totally going to do that. Hahahaha. Anyway. This is me leaving.
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