April 9th, 2005

2 down, only 4 more to go!

Well, I've only had two exams and my mind is already completely mush. I can't concentrate! I can't focus...this is not good. On the bright side, there are only four exams left to write, and one is today. I hate exams. They make me crazy nervous. I am happy to report that I got an A on the last translation assignment I did. Yay! I needed that...hopefully I did suitably well on the exam. That is the only exam I have ever stayed the full time for, and it was 3 hours long! It didn't feel that long though. Ok, time to talk about something else now.

I've been getting some excellent Red Dwarf episodes recently. I now have 3 tv shows that I'm addicted to...and it's funny 'cause none of them are actually on anymore! Well...they may be doing reruns but that doesn't really count. The Red Dwarf movie is coming out this year! Or at least, it's supposed to be and I'm hoping.

I haven't written in a while...I'm not sure what I have and haven't talked about...Ummm...I'm going to be a double number on Wednesday! I'm getting so OLD! It's going to be good though because this year I don't have an exam on my b-dayand my exam on the 14th isn't until 6:30 at night...both good and bad I guess.

I feel like watching "A Beautiful Mind" or "Finding Neverland" ...since I only have the first one, I guess that's what I'll watch. Unless I go to see "Ice Princess" in Palmerston tonight...cheesy mindless movie after 3 exams? I think so! But I'm cheap and I doubt it'll be easy to get other peoples to go with me. But if I can, I'm so there! Out of the house? Not for school? Good times!

Jennifer has "Finding Neverland" (of course) so if I really wanted to I could maybe borrow it, but I think I'll just wait. Maybe I'll get it for my birthday! You never know. I just finished reading the real Peter Pan book. It's kinda sad. But it is amazing...the imagination and everything that went into writing it. I wish I could do that. But my imagination isn't that good. *sigh*

Oh, well...looks like I wrote alot. I'll hopefully be writing again soon but if I don't then at least this is good and long. Have a fabulous weekend everybody!
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