March 1st, 2005

The Last Unicorn

Not much time...

Well, here I am back at school. I don't have much time for this update because I have class in 15 minutes. I really didn't wanna come back after reading week. All you people (Sarah) who are on reading week right now be warned: it is SO not easy to go back. I need summer now! Is it May yet?

Anyway...not much is transpiring in my life...except I no longer have any friends on my "A" list - it's a real shame. I'm not social enough to go out and find new friends though so it's all about just accepting that the "B" list is the new "A" list. I really do need to get out there and get a life.

Seinfeld fest was fun (for me, I made all of two other people suffer through it with me...except Jennifer didn't come for the second part 'cause she's a schmuck! I mean...). It's such a funny nonsense show. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Ummmmm...not much else to say, except it'll be a miracle if I survive the rest of this term semester thing. Grrrr. So, anyway, see yah later!
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