January 16th, 2005

Only two weeks in and already stressed to the limit!

Who'd a thought that after being back for only two weeks I'd already be totally and completely stressed? Oh well, c'est la vie. Je devrais parler en francais, mais je ne sais pas si tout le monde peut me comprendre...oui ou non?

Well, I just wanted to apologize to Sarah for calling her quacky...it was in the morning and my mind is always mush in the morning. Next time I'll think of something really amazing to say about her...hmmmm...oh well, I'l think about that later.

I'm soooooo hungry but I don't wanna spend money 'cause I gotta save up for when Sarah (and Hannah...maybe) come to see In Good Company with me...yay Topher Grace! And Scarlett Johansson...although I haven't seen her in anything else Sarah tells me she's cool and I'm a follower so...yeah. Excitement city!
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