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12 January 2005 @ 09:39 am
Right now I'm sitting in a computer lab at school waiting for my class to start...I'm here early (surprise surprise) and there are these two...punks in here. They're talking really loud and they sound like they should be in highschool (yo, yo!). Maybe they're two brilliant minds trapped in punk/city kid/I wish I was cool bodies...but I highly doubt it.

How do these people get through the system and infiltrate these places of higher learning? I mean, I know I'm not "the swiftest tooth in the box" but these guys are nowhere near the box! *sigh* Well, I gots to go to my stupid tutorial now.


'k...I tried to go to my tutorial but I couldn't find it. Apparently it's in the seminary and I had to come and check where the seminary is. Well, now I know...but it's too late to go so I'll have to just go to the 11:00 one...since it's the first week back for tutorials nobody will realize that I'm an idiot and couldn't find the stupid building. Of course, in order to continue this ridiculous facade I'm going to have to continue going to the one at 11...I'll have to think about that...I wouldn't have to get up so early. Food for thought.
Current Mood: contemplative
Current Music: None...just annoying punks talking