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27 November 2004 @ 04:10 pm
Well, even though the past couple of days have allowed me to catch up on some of my sleep I'm still sooooo tired! It's annoying. Bah. Oh well. Anyways, I have to go to work in about 35 minutes and I really don't feel like it. I have so much to do but I've just been totally slacking off.

Oh, I saw "National Treasure" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nicolas Cage rocks. We were supposed to be seeing "Finding Neverland" but that didn't work out...it was a private viewing or something. But I didn't really mind that much. Jen on the other hand...meh. 'S all good.

I got Ocean's 11 from the library today. Woohoo what an exciting life I lead. I'm very excited about Ocean's 12 coming out in the next couple of weeks. Yesir. Ummm...well, that sums everything up in a nutshell.

Oh and Seinfeld rocks.

buh bye!
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: None - how weird is that?!?