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12 October 2004 @ 02:35 pm
I'm all of a sudden totally pumped for Christmas!! Yay Christmas! I'm going to fail my tests tomorrow and Thursday but at least I'll be getting closer to Christmas! My life is so pathetisad. This girl today asked me if I was in second year. *sigh* Oh well, I guess I can't get too upset...in first year I asked some guy in my class if he was a first year and he was in third...but I think that wasn't too bad because we were in a first year class whereas once you start taking courses after first year heaven knows what year anyone's in anymore. On the bright side I must still be looking young! Which, while it's not really that exciting right now will no doubt become a very happy memory when I'm 98. I'll be rocking away in mah rocking chair saying "Did you know when I was in third year I looked like a second year?" and everyone will think I've completely lost it. That's ok...I think people already know that now!

I learned today in psychology that I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. Apparently if you ever feel sleepy while listening to a lecture or anything then you're deprived of sleep. I'm so glad I come to school to learn these things. I also got a list of things I can do to avoid sleep deprivation...funny, I would have thought that list would be pretty short: SLEEP! Apparently even if you are getting "enough" sleep you could be suffering from sleep deprivation...I wonder how many times I can use that phrase in one sentence...anyways, I'll never do all of the things on the list.

I have a Spanish culture/litterature test on Thursday and I'm soooooooooooooo worried. I need to get really good marks now because I know I'll be tired out by the end of the term and not able to focus (no doubt due to sleep deprivation :) I got an A on my Spanish trabajo escrito!!!!!!! This is good, although it's only worth 5% of my final mark. Every little bit counts don't you know! I now have about 4.3 out of that 5%.

Hooray for Santy Claus!

I should make a Christmas list...when, I don't know. Study study study don't yah know! Let's all practice saying: No sé. Over and over and over again.

This is a really long entry and it's really about nothing! Pretty amazing. Sometimes I just blow myself away. Whoa. Anyways, French Translation is next and I just realized that my test in that class (worth 25% of my final mark) is next Tuesday. Huh. Oh well. I have a week. Not that I'll actually start studying until Friday...maybe. Sometime between now and Thursday I need to study for French, study for Spanish, finish writing my Spanish presentation...meh. At least I didn't have my Spanish tutorial yesterday 'cause there was no school! Yay no Spanish tutorial!

Well, I'm not really running out of things to say...but I won't bore you any longer (those of you who actually read my journal diligently...bwahahahahaha!) Have a fantastical week (only three more days to go...unless you're me...then there are only 2 and a half days but they'll feel like 3) everybody and remember, Christmas is coming!
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