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04 October 2004 @ 12:04 pm
Well, I've decided to at least make an attempt to update this thing every day even if it's not very long. Anyways, Sarah came this past weekend (yay Sarah!) and we did all sorts of fun and exciting things. First of all we did our cool "aaaw" fest thing...although we didn't really aaw a whole lot but that's just life. It was funny and fun and we watched "The Santa Clause" (Christmas...I'm so pumped!). Then we saw Fiddler on the Roof which was very well done and amazing and stuff and then we saw Wimbeldon. A very enjoyable movie although it does have a few...interesting parts...it's very cute (especially the very last scene but I'm not going to tell you, you need to see it for yourself!)but I think it would be a definite bonus to go into the theatre with at least a little knowledge of the game of tennis (I mean more than, they hit the ball back and forth). Otherwise, it takes place in Wimbeldon man! Where's Wimbeldon? Accents everywhere!! Amazing!! Enough said.

I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need sleep...
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: nothing 'cause I'm at school...drrr