June 25th, 2004

Life sucks...then you die

Well, it seems I've lost my optomistic spirit from last night...I don't know where it went...

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from everything and everyone and scream until you can't scream anymore? I've done it...it doesn't always help.

Anyway, as uplifting as that was, my life remains the same. My plan was to get up earlyish and try to get some cleaning done around the house. A noble goal, if not plausible. I really do need to clean my room, the kitchen, the basement, and the living room...I just don't feel motivated. I dunno...I'm in for another blah day. After I'm done wasting my time writing this I'll get some cleaning done (though not as much as originally planned) and then go to a staff meeting at the theatre @ noon. Then I start work at three. Probl'y I won't get a chance to come home between the staff meeting and my shift (can you sense the excitement?) so there goes my day.

I may not get a chance to write tomorrow (oh the millions of dissapointed people) because I have to work at 1. Not that I won't have the morning, but I don't see that anything THAT exciting is going to happen between now and then.

Oh well, that's my day. Have a fantastical weekend everybody!
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