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An update where did we leave off? Basically at Christmas...

I had a really good Christmas (well by the end of it I was pretty exhausted). I got a super awesome game that nobody likes to play because it is pretty hard if you're not a I guess that's why I'm covered :P I also got Gilmore Girls Season 4 on dvd which I'm pumped about although I don't fully remember what happens that season...To me it's all just one long season. I also got a special edition of Spider-man that comes with the first comic book Spider-man was ever in. Also a film...thing...darn it! I forget what they're called but I got a good one! It's a replication of one of the...squares from the film. I got Wimbledon and Die Hard 4 and Music and Lyrics and a cd/dvd case that holds 224 discs which I'm pretty excited about! I also got a book that I haven't started yet but my plan is to start tonight.

Unfortunately also over the holidays one of our friends from the church in Drayton passed away :( I'm going to the funeral on Thursday.

New Year's Eve was pretty good times...except I think I'm still "hung over" on tired.

Oh and then when we got home yesterday we watched Patriot Games which Dad got for Christmas and guess who's in it? James Fox! I know most of you are sitting there thinking "...who?" but he's the awesome crazy guy from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and he had his accent! :) is the meme that Sarah did and I stole...

In January I...
1. Packed a lot of boxes with Sarah's help
2. Went to Drayton and hung out with Jennifer and Sarah
3. Spent a lot of time unpacking
4. Watched a lot of Full House Season 3
5. Marj died :(

In February I...
1. Attended Marj's funeral :(
2. Joined up with AppleOne (an employment agency)
3. Spent about 2 weeks in Newmarket doing random things with AO even though nothing came if it...good times
4. Went curling with Sarah, Jennifer, Sarah, Dan, and Shawn
5. Went to JDF (Jour des Filles) was at some point this month...good times with Road House, The Marine, To Riverdale and Back Again, Die Hard 3, and Lethal Weapon

In March I...
1. Went to the dentist...stupid life
2. Started up Quote of the Day again
3. Got my expensive hair cut because my gc from the theatre
4. celebrated March birthdays in Newmarket
5. went to Newmarket and saw TMNT and Mr Wacky and read about Alec Shaugnessy...good times

In April I...
1. Turned 24 (Sarah G came and took me out for dinner and then we went to see Disturbia...good times!)
2. Had Easter good family times
3. Got my weird elbow bruises...I still don't know how those happened!
4. Went to Auntie Pat and Uncle Gord's anniversary party...and also Auntie Pat's b-day...good times
5. went to Birthdayukah
p.s. Oh yeah! Sarah, we were going to watch Can't Buy me Love because we were both that Ronald Miller guy in a quiz

In May I...
1. went to Sarah's for her b-day
2. saw Spider-man 3...twice (the first time was the enjoyable time in Owen Sound when crazy youth was like "The Bourne Ultimatum? What are they making up words now??"lol
3. went to see Uncle Bruce's play with Sarah and then to Alex/Gordon's b-day party
4. spent the night at Sarah G's and then we went dress shopping
5. went with Dad and Dan to see Peter at Church offices (where I discovered he had shown people Silent movie)

In June I...
1. Went to JWOA (gg, heroes, the office, drive in times)
2. got to see Pirates 3
3. was viciously attacked for no reason by my books
4. got to see Silver Surfer
5. had a lot of random and intense headaches all month

In July I...
1. had Die Hard weekend!! (along with Licence to Wed and Transformers)
2. had my interview at the bank place in Durham and my leg gave out randomly on my way there
3. watched Mitchell...never do that. ever.
4. went to Jennifer's b-day party in Waterloo
5. had JWOA 2/SHOF - NDF, psych fest, Roadhouse all around good time!

In August I...
1. went to Janice's wedding shower
2. went to Carianne's wedding (I can't believe she's actually married!)
3. helped host my parent's 30 anniversary party
4. saw The Invasion which I weirdly liked (I'm not normally a horror/thriller/whatever movie person...I'll watch them but usually I find them lame or will only watch them once because it's well done and therefore terrifying)
5. had another interview (of course I had one like...once a month so whenever I can't think of anything else exciting I can just use that)

In September I...
1. went with Dan to see Legends at HCP
2. worked on finding home videos of Peter for his bachelor party video
3. finally saw "In the Land of the Women"...I had forgotten about that...good movie
4. got caught up on season 7 of CSI
5. went to another shower for Peter and Janice

In October I...
1. got a temp job that lasted a total of like...4 days
2. went to Peter and Janice's wedding (still really weird that they're married too...)
3. had a great family Thanksgiving...although Hannah ditched us (as did...a lot of other people) :P we had Emily there
5. got hooked on Bones with Sarah

In November I...
1. was sick for awhile
2. got 2 interviews...of course neither of them turned out to be anything
3. had American Thanksgiving and watched the Macy's parade with Sarah...
4. enjoyed Christmas Festivus Jamboree
5. don't have any other real memories

In December I...
1. had to say goodbye to a lot of tv shows due to the stupid writer's strike
2. had an entertaining conversation with my Grandfather when he didn't know it was me
3. thoroughly enjoyed the Psych Christmas special and made an awesome icon
4. celebrated Christmas
5. had a happy new year's eve...minus a living breathing hannah

This took me forever! I definitely have a terrible memory...have a good day!

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