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Aaaaaaalrighty then....

So my brief stint of temping is over. lol. All of that for virtually nothing. I blame my death virus, which is almost gone now, thank goodness. When I left yesterday afternoon I went to make sure they had faxed my time card so I would get paid (which they hadn't, they made me do it...) and they were like "Yeah, you don't have to come in tomorrow." Which made sense in my mind because they had been sending me off to work in a totally different department because they didn't actually have anything for me to do. Goooood times. All that stressing. It was good for me though because now I realize that I have an irrational hatred of working in Toronto. Well, I might...but...whatever. I know for sure that I don't want to. I like it so much better in smaller towns where it's peaceful and quiet and the traffic is rarely at a standstill. Trouble is, there aren't a lot of places hiring out here. I've had a few interviews and none of them want me. We'll see what happens now. At least I made some money. Plus I hear the gst cheques are coming soon...yay for making no money and still getting those!

That's all I really have to say. Only 4 days until the wedding. Craziness!! Oh and Heroes was really good this week again. I'm really not a fan of Peter's amnesia though...and Jan's assistant still creeps the heck out of me. The end.

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