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Sorry for the lack of update yesterday...I was simply exhausted

What a crazy weekend! Alright, let's see if I can get it all summed up for you. As you know, I saw Across the Universe on Friday. I loved it. I think you have to have...I don't know...a certain taste for the style of movie that it is because it's super artistic and symbolic...but it gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me anyway! Then we went back to Sarah's for pizza which was delicious...I was soooo hungry. Then after that...I don't have any particular memory of what we did. We definitely watched the dvd we made for Peter's bachelor party. Good times. Anyway, then we went to bed. In the morning Dan and I went and got the dart guns for the bachelor party and also the...ummm...I don't know if Peter still reads this...I doubt it but just in case he just stopped updating and commenting but continues to read it I will just say we got part of Peter and Janice's wedding gift. That took an hour and a a little longer than we expected. We had a math crisis...but luckily we had my cell phone. The calculator is one of it's selling features. Anyway, we went back and found Peter, David, and Uncle Bruce in the family room watching something that was teaching them about war. So I left Daniel with them and went upstairs. I talked to Grandmother and Grandfather for awhile and helped her get dressed and then went back downstairs where I was told that "they" had gone to get lunch (turned out later the only one who had left to get lunch was Auntie Donna...I assumed Sarah and Hannah had gone since I hadn't seen either of them). Soooo to pass the time I set the table for lunch and randomly walked in and out o the weapon/war conversation in the other room. Auntie Donna got home finally (I was super hungry again...I don't know why...) and we had lunch and did birthday gifts with Natalie. Then we watched Unhitched which Hannah had brought so we could watch it. Another 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!! I thoroughly enjoyed it (possibly because of the accents but it was also really funny). Good call Hannah. Good call. So then Sarah had to babysit so she left and my Mom went to drop off my Dad at Peter's and pick up the Psych dvd I had convinced him to burn so Hannah and I could enjoy Psych fest. I don't know how long it took her but she eventually got back and we had Psych fest...good times!! I love that show way too much. I'm sooo excited for the Christmas special. So anyway we finished Psych fest, watched the end of Jumanji (oh young Kirsten), and started watching "Fear" (starring a young Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, and William Peterson...who will always be Grissom to me) which is a...not good movie. It sucked us in though because we knew so many of the characters and then Hannah had to leave and Auntie Donna and I flipped over to Disturbia and watched that. Then...ummmmm...we started Vertigo but it was soooo late and I was soooo I took out my contacts and put on my pj pants. Finally the boys got back on 1:45ish...they still had to unload the van and stuff so we left around 2 to get home (we had to come home for the church shower for Janice and Peter yesterday). So we rolled in around 4 and unloaded...I'm pretty sure anyone who saw us would have thought we were high. Dan got out and was like "whoa. Look at the stars!" So I look up and we're both kind of unsteady on our feet since we're so tired and...yeah. It was pretty funny. So anyway, got to bed around 4:20 for a good solid 4 and a half hour sleep. Yeehaw. Then stuff happened yesterday. I'm too tired to write about it. I did get a decent night's sleep though so I think I'm just "waking up" tired, you know? I don't care if you don't. Too bad for you :P

I watched Burn Notice last night finally. It was a really good episode. Except I'm mad 'cause want it to come back before summertime!!! What's going to happen? I hope Fiona and Sam aren't just gone forever. That would royally suck.

This is longer than I thought it would be. So the answers for QOtD were:

Friends - Monica, Rachel, Chandler
The Office - Dwight, Jim, Michael

TV Scores:

Sarah: 354
Daniel: 232
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 218

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 86
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 47
Hannah: 46


C1: I don't ask questions I don't want to know the answers to.
C2: Then never ask your boyfriend if he thinks your sister's hot.
C1: I don't have a sister.
C2: How about a boyfriend?
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