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Are you done making the fake plastic explosive? Can I lick that?

I know I used this icon yesterday but it's my new favourite icon so you're just going to have to get over it :P

The beach was really good yesterday. There was a chilly breeze (if it had been the same as it was in Durham it would have been a beautiful day for the beach) but we did go in the water up to our knees for awhile. It turns out that Sauble beach is only an hour away from here! If we have another JWOA here we are so definitely going to the beach! Anyway we basically lay on the beach and read. When we got there there was nobody on the "no dogs allowed" beach and when a few people did come they went really far down the beach so we basically had our own private beach. It was awesome. We weren't able to stay that long though...if we had all day I definitely would have gone all the way into the water, it wasn't that cold but it would have taken a really long time to dry off and the breeze would have turned from chilly to downright cold. But yeah. Good times at the beach :)

I don't have a whole heck of a lot of time because we're trying to put this thing together for Peter's bachelor party and we're going to see Across the Universe with Sarah and David tonight (yay for Across the Universe!!) with our awesome coke coupons. Two for the price of one, you can't go wrong!!

So the answer yesterday was Seinfeld: George and Jerry...I'm giving Dan one point because he told me he knew the show...verbally...I'm pretty sure nobody cares but I'm always like...what if they look at Dan's points and see he went up and he didn't actually guess on lj??? They'll think this is a cheaters contest!! So anyway...

TV Scores:

Sarah: 346
Daniel: 232
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 215

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 86
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 47
Hannah: 46

So here are the quotes for today and tomorrow...I'm so excited for Psych Party!! Which is kind of ridiculous because I can watch it whenever I like. But still. It's one of my shows and it's definitely going on my Christmas list...although I don't know how much it costs and there aren't that many episodes so I dont' want it if it costs the same as of the shows that has like...22 episodes. Of course last season had 16 episodes and it looks like there are more this season **knocks on wood** I'm also excited for Burn Notice which is apparently over until next summer :( but I haven't seen the finale yet, I'll be watching that Sunday night.


C1: It's just, Wendy is more of a professional waitress.
C2: Oh, and so I've been saving my status as an amateur to compete in the waitressing Olympics!
C3: You know, I hate to brag, but I waited tables in '76 at Innsbruck.


C1: Where are we going?
C2: [lying to get C1 to the hospital] Chuck E. Cheese.
C3: Chuck E. Cheese? Oh, I'm so sick of Chuck E. Cheese.
C2 aside We're going to the hospital.
C3: I know, I'm just saying.

Oh also, if you didn't see my edit with the trailer for P.S. I Love you, it is in my last entry and it looks really good. If you're a girl. And like chick flicks. lol. The end
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