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Technology can't work miracles: bugs don't plant themselves

Well I'm trying to focus on the positive and stuff so I won't go into the details of my ...stuff...I'll just say, my headaches are back. (I haven't taken anything yet though...2 whole days I'm proud of me)

In other news...what the heck has happened the past couple of days? Well, we'll skip over Thursday since that was the worst for me and my life. I think it was Thursday...yes. Yes it was. So yesterday was the day my dad had to pick his suit up in Waterloo for the wedding so we went planning to do some shopping and stuff as well. We didn't leave until 2:30 though and apparently that wasn't enough time. Well, see, the whole thing was that we have these coupons in the coke boxes that are good now (it feels like we've been waiting forever for them to be good...) and we thought we could go see a movie. However our first stop was much longer than we anticipated. Apparently somehow we like, blew a fuse in the van or something so one of our headlights doesn't work. We thought it was just the light so we stopped at good ol' Canadian Tire to replace it and it wouldn't light up. So Dad and Dan figured the new bulb was a dud so they got another one. It didn't work either. I should probably mention it was pouring rain. So although Mom and I were fine inside the car Dad and Dan were getting completely and utterly soaked. And also, grumpy. So we finally decided it must be the wiring or something, and we had been there for like...half an hour? At least. I think. So then we went to the mall so Dad and Dan could get cleaned up which they did and Mom got some bulletin board letters for the Sunday School (oh the fascinating life I lead!) at this point we decided we would either have supper or see a movie because we still hadn't picked up Dad's suit (which was actually in Kitchener and Galaxy is in Waterloo). This was a horrible decision for me. I was really, really hungry. I think it's the stress or something because I've been super hungry a LOT lately. I'm trying to cut back. We'll see. I only had a yogourt for breakfast today and I'm feeling pretty durned hungry right now. I will restrain myself. So in the end Dan and I came up with a brilliant plan because that's how awesome we are. There is a theatre in Kitchener that is right next to Moore's and although it isn't as nice as Galaxy it's still a cineplex theatre and there's a Wendy's just down the street. So we went got the suit, checked the movie times, and went to Wendy's. It actually worked out better than we anticipated because the movie started earlier at that theatre so we were able to head home earlier. So that's pretty much it.

The movie we went to see was Shoot 'em Up (Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci) and here are the pros and cons as I see them (without giving away the "plot" although I should warn you...I'm still not clear on the plot)

- 2 accents
- Clive Owen, being awesome
- Funny times (although not as many as I had hoped for...still, they were there)
- Paul Giamatti is really good in that part! I mean, you hate his character but he's really good at playing it
- Used "Joker and the Thief"

- Language (a lot of the f word)
- Some nudity
- Weird gross scene with Paul G in the car...I won't go into details
- Not really realistic ( at one point someone in the theatre actually said "What??" quite audibly at the same time as I thought shouldn't laugh, maybe he's my soulmate and now I'll never know...)
- Used "Joker and the Thief" (it was soooo stuck in my head afterwards!)

The action sequences tended to be pretty amazing. Not one of my favourite movies...but it was definitely...ok.

That is my review. Your welcome.

As for QotD...the answer was Psych - Gus and Psych

TV Scores:

Sarah: 334
Daniel: 231
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 204

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 86
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 47
Hannah: 41

So I'm going to give you the quote for today and tomorrow because I'm going to a shower tomorrow (I'm not too good for it :P) and I won't be here to update.

Saturday Quote:

C2: What a wild wild world!
C3: Please stay away from sharp instruments for three weeks after viewing this film and do not operate heavy equipment, thank you!

Sunday MOVIE Quote:

C1: Ka Ka! Tukki Tukki!
C2: I think we've established that "Ka Ka" and "Tukki Tukki" don't work.
C1: Right. Sorry.
[He starts singing into the mike]
C1: You are so beautiful, to me...
C3: Step back, Harry, I'm gonna shoot him.
C2: Uh-uh, stand down! I'm taking this one out myself.
C1: still singing Can't you see...
C2: Wayne, would you please stop, because you are embarrassing me.
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