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Of course, sowing seeds of distrust is harder when nobody trusts you...

I'm having trouble focusing so I thought I'd use my happenin' Eric icon. Hmmm...what's been going on...not much. Still. lol. I have nothing for you. I might go out today which would be exciting, except it will result in an entry something like: "Not much going on. Oh wait, yesterday I went out and did stuff. Other than that, nothing." That's how predictable I am. You never know though. Anything could happen. Dan came home yesterday so that was...some...good times. It's kind of sad that that's the climax of yesterday, but what can you do?

I always think there was something I was wanting to put in these entries...but I can never remember what it was. Wow that sentence started out weird. But I know what I meant, and that's what matters :P

The answer yesterday was The Office - Michael, Jim, and Pam

TV Scores:

Sarah: 331
Daniel: 228
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 201

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 86
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 47
Hannah: 41

Congratulations Sarah on passing 200 points! Good work.

New quote:

C1: I have to get back to work.
C2: The plot is thickening!
C1: I've already missed two days this week.
C2: Oh, fine, fine, fine. I respect your wishes. Jerk chicken.
C1: You know that's right.
[C2 is now driving, and C1 is just waking up]
C2: There he is.
C1: What time is it?
C2: Day time.
C1: What happened?
C2: Uh... I might have dropped six allergy pills in your frosty while you were peeing.

Good luck!
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