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Fact is, even the fanciest equipment usually needs help from a good old-fashioned crowbar I am. I shouldn't have been so happy about the 4 comments on Sunday, it's jinxed yesterday :P

Not too much going on still. Except I've been trying to get caught up on CSI because I want to actually watch it as it happens this year, although maybe not...I'm discovering that although last season was really, really I love the style the episodes are shot in and I actually for some reason I'm feeling a lot more for the victims, which I know I should always do but normally...I don't know...I guess you don't normally know the victim as well or something?...there were a LOT of continued and kind of "unfinished" cases that I imagine will continue turning up through the rest of the season. Wow that was a long and rambling message about something very few of you watch. So I don't know. Let's just say I'm kind of glad I didn't watch this season as it happened...I had enough stress in my life, what with Heroes and Gilmore Girls and Grey's...what a life~! So all I have to say (although I'm only on about...episode...8 or something of last season) is that CSI has definitely not "jumped the shark" yet. Which is crazy to me! This is season 8 that's starting up and...I mean I love the show myself, but I'm always like...what can they possibly do next?? How many different crimes can there be?

Yesterday was shopping day and we went to Waterloo so we didn't end up getting home until like...I don't know...8:30, 9:00...something like that. So...yeah. That's the end of that.

So the answer yesterday was Friends - Rachel, Ross, and Joey...I gave Sarah a point for being the only one to guess.

TV Scores:

Sarah: 327
Daniel: 228
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 197

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 86
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 47
Hannah: 41

Here's the new quote:

C1: Who's seen Titanic?
C2: I'm not really sure what movie you’re talking about. Are you sure you've got the title right?
C3: I think you're thinking of The Hunt for Red October

Good luck!
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