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Yellow Pages? Bro, I have a computer

Alright I'm pretty tired today so I'm not going to say too much. I finally got to watch In the Land of the Women and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's really really not a fast moving movie and not a whole lot happens...but it's a..."deep" ish type movie...was it a book first? It seems like it could have been. Whenever a movie seems to have been a book first and wasn't, that's when it's a good movie! True fact. I will have to look that up. In other news of my life, I stupidly (why do I do it? I don't know...) watched the Pilot for Pushing Daisies and was totally sucked in. Everybody was raving about it in one of the posts at ONTD and I was like...really? How good could it be? People shouldn't leave me alone with me.

So the answer yesterday was...Gilmore Girls - Rory and Lorelai

TV Scores:

Sarah: 324
Daniel: 225
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 196

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 81
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

So here's the new quote:

C1: Wait a second... That's her... on the right.
C2: I forgot who I am! Who am I?!
C1: You're you. We're having lunch with Art Corvelay.
C2: Vandelay!
C1: Corvelay!
C2: Let me be the architect, I can do it!

Good luck!
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