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There are pleasant parts of Afghanistan...the mountains are nice

*whew* Ok I'm always going to be tired or out of breath if I always update after exercising...which seems to happen every time. Mostly because if I try to update beforehand I tend to get to lazy to actually exercise. *shrug* just letting you know. Also...oh dear...there was something else...I don't remember. I'm sure it wasn't that important.

lol at myself...I am eating a pop tart and every time I pause to take a bite I'm like "They're going to wonder where I went!!". I think I've finally lost it. Completely. Starting yesterday I'm going through home videos to find Peter. No offense meant to any family reading this (though I doubt you'll take any...) but we were like the dorkiest kids around. Ever. We thought we were awesome. At least it provides for some laughs now. I Hannah wasn't so much a least not in the videos we have because we didn't do as much videotaping...mostly birthdays and stuff like that. So you were saved. Congratulations! We were (at the risk of sounding vain) adorable as little children though...I watched the infamous Chris and Jennifer wedding yesterday. Oh me and Peter...being

Now that that is out of my system is there anything else...anything...else...(not a good movie, btw) I can't think of anything too much. I've been getting excited for shows to come back since ONTD has been posting promo pics...oh yeah! I'm kind of upset because Moonlight which I was going to watch (and still might I guess) is not on Tuesdays as they originally promised!! I was going to watch that instead of GG. Not that it's the same at ALL. I might pretend it's on Tuesdays. Nobody else I know has any overt desire to watch it so they likely wouldn't spoil it for me. I don't know. A show that is on Tuesdays is Bones. If I had known that earlier I might have spent the summer getting caught up on that so that I could watch it this season. I don't have time now though. What a world...Life.

Oh I got a couple of pairs of cheap-ish sandles...3 pairs! Two of them are sort of dressier and the other one is not dressy at all but SUPER comfortable. It's kind of like crocs (which I don't like because I think they're ugly...I apologize if this offends anyone) but they don't look like them which is what I like. Crocs are comfortable. I'll give them that. So it's the best of both worlds.

So the answer yesterday was Psych - Psych/Shawn and Gus

TV Scores:

Sarah: 319
Daniel: 225
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 191

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 81
Daniel: 71
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

New Quote:
C1: We've hidden Mitchell somewhere in this picture…
C2: Mitchell, will you stand up, please?

Good luck!
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