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It's a world where good guys look like bad guys and two wrongs do in fact make a right

Once again not sleeping well. So tired.

Answer: Gilmore Girls - Luke and Lorelai

TV Scores:

Sarah: 307
Daniel: 215
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 182

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 79
Daniel: 69
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

I'm going away today and I honestly don't know when I'm coming back. *sigh* Here are quotes to cover the next few days.

Friday Quote:

C1: You opened all the presents without me? I thought we were supposed to do that together!
C2: You kissed another woman?
C1: Call it even?
C2: Okay!

Saturday Quote:

C1: You doing anything?
C2: Nope.
C1: You want to go down to the Bronx and see if there are any fliers on his car?
C2: Sure!
C1: I could have said just about anything there, couldn't I?

Sunday Movie Quote:

C1: It's a victimless crime.
C2: Okay, hypothetical situation: You're driving, it's late, you get to a red light in the middle of nowhere. Do you run the light?
You see? You don't. You wait. Because a victimless crime is still a crime. It isn't worth it.
C1: Maybe it is. Maybe I run it. It depends.
C2: On what?
C1: Am I trying to get somewhere important?

I had to do it I'm sorry, this conversation makes me laugh all the tries to be deep.
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